Introducing the RubyLetter podcast - a short, weekly breakdown of what's happening in the Ruby and Ruby on Rails communities. Released Thursdays.

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Date Title
03/23/2017 Episode 2
Today we go over what's happened in the Ruby community this week, including the Ruby 2.4.1 release and Onigmo, the Rails 5.1.rc1 release, the end of RubyHeroes, and a survey on Ruby servers and operations from Phusion. We also talked about what to expect in this week's RubyLetter: caching.
03/17/2017 Episode 1
Welcome to the RubyLetter Podcast! Today we go over what's happening in the Ruby community, including Google App Engine, RubyGems funding, self-publishing, Google spreadsheets and Ruby, and existence checks. We promise our jokes will get better.

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